In 2017, we ran a survey to ask our community about when to run the workshops for the BSides London 2018 event. 85% of respondents agreed that having the workshops on a separate day was cool! Well we listened and acted…

BSides London 2018 is pleased to announce that this year’s workshops will be
held on the 5th June 2018 at the ILEC.

The content and schedule is still under construction and will be announced towards the end of April. The good news is that by doing this we will be able to support 20 to 30 participants per workshop.

Here is what is important to know once the workshops are announced:

  • Participant will need to sign-up for a space in the workshop(s) they are interested in
  • Registration priority will be given to ticket holders (i.e. we will give ticket holders first pick)
  • If spaces are left, we will open the registration to the community at large

More details to follow and more ways to participate will drop soon