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Next event 25/04/2012

Welcome to BSidesLondon 2012

Who is talking? check the schedule

Event is SOLD OUT - Please join the waiting list

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When: Wednesday 25th April 2012

Where: at The Barbican (more about the venue)

Tickets: Free as always! Waiting list available here . Sorry but all tickets are gone, the Eventbrite automatic waiting list has kicked-in.

Remember to cancel your tickets if you can't come. We don't want empty seats and there are over 200 people in the waiting list! if you can't come, do cancel your tickets order. Give the opportunity to those who would like to take your place and are waiting in the Waiting List.

What happens on the day: check the conference page for full details but in short, you will have a day packed with talks, workshops and discussion opportunities. In the evening a time to relax over a beer and have fun talking to old and new friends.

Don't get bored while you wait for April 25th: There are plenty of pre-con activities for your enjoyment.

  • Enter our challenges and giveaway opportunities (there are fantastic prizes)
  • join the pre-event conversation and talk to others via twitter and LinkedIn
  • check-in the CV clinic for a consultation now!
  • On Tuesday 24th 44Cafe will be running during the day and in the evenining the local Defcon chapter DC4420 is on! please check their websites for details and take the opportunity to extend your con experience attending these fantastic free events the day before BSidesLondon.

But how do I get involved in BSides?

We pride ourselves on being a security conference "built by the community for the community" and to do that we need your help, your engagement and your contributions. So make BSidesLondon whatever you want it to be.

In this event you provide the content and you vote for the talks, you help with the look/delivery by raising funds for the event and giving the ideas for images, activities, format.

RAISE MONEY: we need funds to pay for the events so help us raise money by asking your employers, clients and connections to talk to us about sponsorship. Ask them to join those already backing us. So if you want to know more about sponsoring contact us.

PROVIDE CONTENT: BSidesLondon's content is offered by you and selected by you. So if you have something to! The CfP for 2012 and voting are now closed . The final schedule will be produced and published this week. In the meantime check out what we have in offer:I want to see the talks

USE YOUR VOICE: BSidesLondon is only successful if you make it so. The talks are voted on by you, the ticket holder, so you shape the day. We want you to submit your logo and slogan ideas, and vote on those already proposed by others. Think of something to bring to share in Track 3 "the unconference terack" and of course engage in the conversation...we chat on twitter. See Logo/slogan competition and challenges.

Keep your eyes on this website, the wiki or twitter.

Finally have fun! Before the event we will release various challenges. There should be levels for everyone so why not have a go..and twitter is always a good place to make contacts so on the day we can enjoy a twitt-up.

You want to know other people in the security community?

Sure - let's engage everyone in the security conversation. Anyone regardless of their level of expertise or area of interest (InfoSec is wide) can attend.

Between events, talk to others on twitter and linkedIn, and check the monthly events from other orgs like OWASP, Defcon, Barcamps, ISC2 etc.

Not in the UK? we have similar events in various parts of the world so make sure you check the BSides global wiki for information about what is happening with BSides worldwide.

Watch this space or our twitter for further announcements.




Looking forward seeing you in April!



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