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Feedback included: I’d love to go to BSides, I’ve tried on multiple occasions to get tickets but never managed to get one in time!

UK Cyber Security ChallengeMarch 2015

Leading Sponsors - Platinum


Sophos makes IT security simple with next-generation solutions that protect networks, servers, and devices, wherever they are. Today, more than 100 million users in 150 countries and a global network of channel partners trust Sophos to deliver simple solutions to complex security challenges. Focused on innovation and backed by a global network of SophosLabs threat intelligence centers and industry-leading support, Sophos delivers solutions that are simple to deploy, maintain, and manage, enabling organizations to focus on performance and growth. Sophos — Security made simple. Our friendly and approachable sense of self allows us to relate to our customers on a very real and honest level. Even though our products represent serious technology that solves serious business issues, we strive to empower our partners and customers with innovative, powerful, and simple-to-use security products. We work hard to develop authentic partnerships and have fun celebrating the unique challenges faced by the IT hero.

J.P.Morgan Chase

At JPMorgan Chase, we have a dedicated Cybersecurity organization with the objective of ensuring that we are able to effectively detect, prevent, and respond to cyber threats against our technology infrastructure, our clients and the economy.
As one of the largest financial services organisations in the world, we offer cybersecurity professionals the opportunity to work with a wide variety of cutting edge technology in a supportive team environment.



We are a leading cyber security consultancy on a mission to enable effective cyber security for organisations. Ensuring they are future-proof and have robust cyber security defences aligned to the threats have they face. We help build genuine cyber resilience, achieving long term improved security outcomes.

Our People

JUMPSEC’s services and capabilities are defined by our people. We passionately believe in a people-centric approach to solving challenges. Bringing together the brightest minds with a range of technical backgrounds to provide both best-in-class offensive and defensive capabilities, finding practical solutions to problems.

Innovative Approach

We don’t use a static service portfolio. Our consultants excel in devising innovative solutions to the challenges our clients encounter. Our capabilities align with client needs; with solutions guided by the partnerships, we maintain with trusted clients.

JUMPSEC’s capabilities encompass all areas of cyber security.


F-Secure Consulting is a research-led cyber security consultancy, partnering with enterprises and early adopters worldwide. We exist to build resilience in an ever-changing digital world by providing evidence-based security advice. Our research drives service innovation, pushing the industry forward.
Our team needs the kind of minds that stop at nothing to solve the unsolvable. Our work is our passion and our play. It drives us to do more with our intellectual curiosity. People at F-Secure Consulting are encouraged and enabled to pave their own path, whatever their discipline, whatever the long-term dream. .

Contributing Sponsors - Gold

Tines is a powerful automation platform that enables security and IT teams to focus on high-impact work. Tines is the only platform that bypasses the need for technical skills and delivers powerful automation straight into the hands of security and IT teams, without the need for a developer. Tines connects every tool in your workflow in one place, executes every step, and lets you know when you need to weigh in on the urgent stuff. Built by security practitioners, Tines securely automates thousands of workflows per day across a diverse range of customers, including Coinbase, Box, Canva, Databricks, McKesson, and OpenTable. Check out for more information.

DradisPro by Security Roots

Dradis Professional is a tool that minimizes menial tasks for security professionals. Security specialists thrive when attacking (or defending) systems - everything else is overhead.

Use Dradis during security assessments to combine the output of 19+ different scanners, integrate your manual findings and generate a custom, professional, high-quality custom reports in a fraction of the time. Collaborate with other teams to eliminate overlooked remediation tasks with integrated tracking.

Over 441 teams in 42 countries use Dradis Professional to significantly reduce the time and hassle of creating security reports and streamline their collaboration, testing, and remediation workflow.

Context Information Security

Context is a leading cyber security consultancy that helps clients to avoid potential breaches and to deter, detect and respond to the most sophisticated cyber-attacks. Now a part of Accenture Security, we provide end-to-end cybersecurity services, including advanced cyber defense, applied cybersecurity solutions and managed security operations. Helped by our team of highly skilled professionals, we enable clients to innovate safely, build cyber resilience and grow with confidence.


PwC is home to one of the world's leading cyber security practices. The purpose of the practice is to build a secure digital society. This is achieved by providing a comprehensive range of services to help clients assess, build and manage their cyber security capabilities.
The Ethical Hacking team sits within Cyber Security. We help our clients to better understand the vulnerabilities of their IT environments by simulating the actions of real-world threat actors. This can involve anything from hacking web applications to sneaking into offices to gain a foothold on an internal network!


QinetiQ Security Health Check (SHC), with its unique heritage as (formally) part of the UK Ministry of Defence, was one of the very first organisations worldwide to engage in Penetration Testing. For over twenty years, SHC has assisted Government, Law Enforcement, Defence and Commercial customers by expertly simulating attacks against their systems and networks. Along with Red and Purple Teaming, SHC safely and realistically emulates the methodology used by organised crime, foreign intelligence services, cyber terrorists and hactivists. We have expertise in every sphere of our discipline including Infrastructure, Application, Wireless and Emerging Technologies testing.


At SecureFlag, we teach secure coding through hands-on labs that run in real, fully configured development environments created on-demand and available via the web browser. Developers, DevOps and QA engineers learn defensive programming via a gamified, adaptive training platform that includes learning paths, tournaments, assessments, and powerful metrics. Our platform is 100% hands-on, replaces ineffective secure coding quizzes, and uses an engine able to live-test code changes, instantly displaying whether the code has been fixed and awarding points upon exercise completion. SecureFlag is a proud OWASP Partner, providing training for all OWASP members alongside its Enterprise edition for corporate clients.


OccamSec provides end-to-end information security services to help you find, address, and minimize your exposure to cybersecurity threats.
Using decades of security experience across military, government, and commercial entities, along with advanced testing techniques, constant surveillance of the latest criminal methods, machine learning analytics, and purpose-built solutions, we take action to protect your business before criminals find a way in.
Or, if they already have, we empower you to recover quickly and effectively.


Exabeam is a global cybersecurity leader that adds intelligence to every IT and security stack. The leader in next-gen SIEM and XDR, Exabeam is reinventing the way security teams use analytics and automation to solve threat detection, investigation, and response (TDIR), from common security threats to the most critical that are difficult to identify. Exabeam offers a comprehensive cloud-delivered solution that leverages machine learning and automation using a prescriptive, outcomes-based approach to TDIR. We design and build products to help security teams detect external threats, compromised users and malicious adversaries, minimize false positives and best protect their organizations. For more information, visit

Hack The Box

Hack The Box is an online cybersecurity training platform allowing individuals and corporate teams to level up their penetration testing skills through a fully gamified and immersive environment.
Over 150 constantly updated virtual labs, real-world scenario simulation and CTF-style challenges, all part of a massively growing cybersecurity community of 270k+ members where professionals exchange ideas and obtain an all-around hacking mindset, while companies can train their employees and find top talent.
Cyber training gamified, hack your way in at


ControlPlane is a cloud native, Kubernetes and cybersecurity consultancy with industry-leading expertise in architecting, deploying, and maintaining Kubernetes for regulated industries. With a deep understanding of cloud technology we conduct threat research, cloud native security training, and develop best practice cloud native DevSecOps implementations. Clients include international banks, financial and accountancy institutions, critical national infrastructure, major cloud providers, insurance providers, healthcare, and global media firms.

Tenable Network Security

Tenable®, Inc. is the Cyber Exposure company. Over 30,000 organisations around the globe rely on Tenable to understand and reduce cyber risk. As the creator of Nessus®, Tenable extended its expertise in vulnerabilities to deliver the world’s first platform to see and secure any digital asset on any computing platform. Tenable customers include more than 50 percent of the Fortune 500, more than 30 percent of the Global 2000 and large government agencies. Learn more at


Secarma is an independent cybersecurity consultancy and penetration testing house that specialises in testing the strength of an organisation’s security posture. Our specialist consultants utilise the latest ethical hacking techniques to identify system vulnerabilities before they are exploited by cyber-criminals. We’re an agile workplace that invests heavily in our consultants, providing frequent training, plus research and development opportunities – all to help businesses get to the next level of security maturity.

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FVT SecOps Consulting

Whelton Network Solutions
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Secure Delivery
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Saraj Mohammed @infosecsaj

Sir Jester



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Community Sponsors

White Hat Rally

Next year our fun packed motoring adventure “Blockbusters” goes to the heart of England and takes on a movie theme to raise funds to support Barnardo’s in their work with vulnerable children. Taking place over a long weekend in September 2022 our action packed adventure will take in some amazing scenery and awesome roads. Have you got what it takes to endure the challenge and excitement?
You can enter your team online, or register an interest in joining an existing team. If it’s your first time there will be plenty of help and be assured you don’t need a special vehicle or advanced driving skills to take part – you just require a sense of humour and an adventurous spirit to endure the weekend and enjoy the fun! The rally is a fantastic social experience but it’s also an excellent opportunity for business networking with peers in the industry. We have corporate sponsorship packages available to allow your brand to be associated with this great cause. Our fundraising really does make a massive difference to the lives of vulnerable children. Please get involved, enter a team or sponsor the event today!
White Hat Rally helps to protect vulnerable children in the UK by supporting carefully selected charities. Our concern is particularly focused around the threat presented by the Internet and other modern technologies that have placed children at an increased risk of abuse. While the Internet and mobile communications have brought many benefits to modern society, they also present many new threats.
Information Security specialists make a huge difference to businesses, helping to reduce risk, but while businesses are well protected, children aren't. Although many contributions have been made to society, such as free antivirus and safer surfing products, our ability to directly help protect vulnerable children on a non-commercial basis is limited, leaving children susceptible to online bullying, grooming and so on.
White Hat Rally raises funds to help support charities in their work to prevent and stop child cruelty arising out of the misuse of today’s technology. We are committed to supporting charities that: give vulnerable children somewhere to turn for help; actively reduce risk; support the victims of abuse; stop cruelty to children; and restore their confidence in society.

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