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Around 45% of the 42 candidates[ed: UK Cyber Security Challenge] have chosen BSides London as their Membership / Conference choice!

Feedback included: I‘d love to go to BSides, I‘ve tried on multiple occasions to get tickets but never managed to get one in time!

UK Cyber Security ChallengeMarch 2015

Principal Sponsor - Diamond

Security Blue Team

Security Blue Team provides a range of cybersecurity training, designed to give students relevant and useful skills which can immediately be used in the real world. The brainchild of Joshua Beaman, an experienced SOC Analyst, SBT works with industry experts, including SOC Managers, Senior Security Analysts, Incident Responders, to develop training that is applicable to modern security operations.
The company proudly has over 100,000 students across governments, military units, law enforcement teams, CERTs, banks, managed security providers, educational institutes, and more. As well as the BTL certifications, Security Blue Team has also created free introductory blue team courses (designed as part of a training pathway) and developed Blue Team Labs Online. BTLO is a gamified platform for defenders to practise their skills in security investigations and challenges covering the following; Incident Response, Digital Forensics, Security Operations, Reverse Engineering, and Threat Hunting. The platform offers both free and paid tiers.
As of 2023, Security Blue Team has also launched CySec Careers, a dedicated cybersecurity careers platform. The platform aims to streamline the recruiting process and provide a seamless and transparent process for candidates.

Leading Sponsors - Platinum

Tenable Network Security

Tenable®, Inc. is the Cyber Exposure company. Over 30,000 organisations around the globe rely on Tenable to understand and reduce cyber risk. As the creator of Nessus®, Tenable extended its expertise in vulnerabilities to deliver the world‘s first platform to see and secure any digital asset on any computing platform. Tenable customers include more than 50 percent of the Fortune 500, more than 30 percent of the Global 2000 and large government agencies. Learn more at

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Contributing Sponsors - Gold

Elastic Security

Increasingly complex attacks require new approaches to cyber protection. Elastic Security accelerates and improves prevention, detection and response for secure business operations. With Elastic Security, your teams can quickly find the data they need to prevent, detect, and respond to complex cyber threats at scale, minimizing risk and protecting your organization‘s reputation. All on a unified, open platform.


Founded in 2021, watchTowr is a cybersecurity technology company headquartered in Singapore.
Backed by years of red teaming and adversarial simulation experience, the watchTowr Platform – the next generation of Attack Surface Management (ASM) and Continuous Automated Red Teaming (CART) technology – gives enterprises a real-time understanding of how they could be compromised and beat in-the-wild exploitation of emerging weaknesses.
watchTowr is your persistent adversary.

DradisPro by Security Roots

Dradis Professional is a tool that minimizes menial tasks for security professionals. Security specialists thrive when attacking (or defending) systems - everything else is overhead.

Use Dradis during security assessments to combine the output of 19+ different scanners, integrate your manual findings and generate a custom, professional, high-quality custom reports in a fraction of the time. Collaborate with other teams to eliminate overlooked remediation tasks with integrated tracking.

Over 441 teams in 42 countries use Dradis Professional to significantly reduce the time and hassle of creating security reports and streamline their collaboration, testing, and remediation workflow.


At CYJAX, we're all about ensuring your business's resilience in the face of evolving cyber threats. Our focus is on reducing the time between threat discovery and resolution, providing you with swift and effective protection. We specialise in depth, not width, offering highly customisable solutions that seamlessly integrate with your tech stack. With CYJAX as your cybersecurity partner, you can trust that your digital assets are safeguarded, your response time is minimised, and your business remains resilient in today's ever-changing digital landscape.

Tines is a powerful automation platform that enables security and IT teams to focus on high-impact work. Tines is the only platform that bypasses the need for technical skills and delivers powerful automation straight into the hands of security and IT teams, without the need for a developer. Tines connects every tool in your workflow in one place, executes every step, and lets you know when you need to weigh in on the urgent stuff. Built by security practitioners, Tines securely automates thousands of workflows per day across a diverse range of customers, including Coinbase, Box, Canva, Databricks, McKesson, and OpenTable. Check out for more information.

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Vectra AI is the leader in AI-driven threat detection and response for hybrid and multi-cloud enterprises. The Vectra AI Platform delivers integrated signal across public cloud, SaaS, identity, and data center networks in a single platform. Powered by patented Attack Signal Intelligence, it empowers security teams to rapidly prioritize, investigate and respond to the most advanced cyber-attacks. With 35 patents in AI-driven threat detection and the most vendor references in MITRE D3FEND, organizations worldwide rely on the Vectra AI to move at the speed and scale of hybrid attackers. Formore information, visit

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FVT SecOps Consulting

Whelton Network Solutions
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Grassroot Supporters - Bronze

Saraj Mohammed @infosecsaj

Emir Ilhan

Altug Bozkurt

Fatma Tosun

Okan Alan

Kenan Yararbas

Mehmet Karakaya

Johannes Wiklund

Ben Shepherd

Paul Heffernan



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