Can you Breach a Ticket

BSides wouldn't be BSides without challenges!
Starting March 29th The BreachDay Clock will drop the first challenge for you to solve...

Do you think you have what it takes to hack your way through, learn somthing new and possibly win one of a number of excellent prizes?
Go forth, hack, and send us you writeup!

The Rules of the Game:

  1. All submissions are to be submitted as per the challenge instructions.
  2. Submissions must be sent in by 20 MAY 2018 or the date listed on the challenge page.
  3. Hints are only available if the creator deems you worthy provides them.
  4. Hints can be requested via the challenges team email listed above.
  5. The challenge creator is the boss, s/he decides the best winner.
  6. Prizes will be awarded on the day, unless they come in the form of tickets etc.

The BSidesLondon Team wants to thank all those who helped with the challenges and the fantastic prizes.

Immersive Labs Challenge 1

Immersive Labs has opened up their platform and created a first challenge. There are two BSides London 2018 tickets to win for the first or fastest participant to complete the challenge. Use the link and code shown below to get started.

Locate the first challenge named

BSides Challenge 1

 to win a ticket.

To take the challenge use registration code BSIDESLDN18 and go to

Hack The Box Challenge 2

Challenge Description
One of our favourite Overlords is a little narcissistic, and is planning on a late night spree of "KILL ALL HUMANS". Find your way to the inner sanctum, and retrieve the deactivation codes.

Access Details

Central Processor Unit Serial Number:

Please send your flag submissions or hint requests via to:
   info at hackthebox dot eu.

Challenge 3

We are pleased to present this challenge courtesy of the ever inventive Didier Stevens. If you have not already heard of him, you should take a few moments to check out his excellent blog, where you can find a dizzying array of analysis tools, tips, and tricks.

Look at the picture & look inside the picture.

Please send your answers to challenges2018 at with subject set to "Challenge 3 Solution". Bonus point for those who provide a breakdown of the solution.

Two tickets will be given away: 1st to send the right answer; Best breakdown with the right answer.