Call for Workshops 2018

Security BSides London workshops are all about sharing information, spreading knowledge and having a laugh.

Based on our previous edition’s fantastic workshop content, we want to provide a bigger forum for this year’s workshops: a whole workshop dedicated day with three tracks to give you the opportunity to share.

While 2018 is the BreachDay Clock is 2mins to midnight edition, we don’t want to limit the workshop subjects and are open for all things infosec, and we are not afraid! Your workshop can be purely technical, business-oriented or anything in between, as long it gives the community a hands-on experience of what you want to share. If you have a really wild (and relatively safe) idea - don’t worry whether it’s at all possible, just put your idea in and we can work on it together. Hacking, building things, breaking things, soldering, wiring, making spaceships - but also managing a project, writing a blog, managing disclosures, SE/OSINT, mental health and keeping sane while hacking - the floor is open to your submissions!

The workshops are:

  1. Informal: no school, no grades - it’s about sharing and learning
  2. Limited to small groups: this year it’s around 30 participants but we are flexible
  3. Interactive: you, the speaker mix with your students and provide a one-to-one guidance
  4. Time limited: you decide how long it’s going to take but we need to know upfront - we have 2h and 4h slots available
  5. Goal oriented: your students will want to know what skill/experience they will gain from your workshop (fun counts too!)

Some tips to get you started:

  • The subject can be anything between 101 and brain-pick insane level of difficulty, as we want both to introduce new members to the community and teach old dogs some new tricks - but please make sure you define the knowledge levels required to attend
  • The workshop has to be reasonably safe for everyone so setting things on fire is a probably a no - but anything less than that is open for discussion, Point out what will the participants gain from your workshop and what they need to bring (knowledge and hardware)
  • Try reaching out to previous speakers

We’re here to help, so feel free to reach out via workshops at or via Twitter @BSidesLondon with any questions you may have - it will help us make this and future events better.

We will be with you at each stage letting you know whether you have passed or not. If your application won’t make it through we will be able to offer you other ways to participate in the event - we’ll be in touch with you individually.

We wish you all the best in preparing your workshop and are hoping to see you at Security BSides London 2018! the @BSidesLondon team

NB. Security BSides London is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected; be assured that the information being collected is for internal use only and it will only be used in accordance with your permission.

Timeline fo Submissions

The timeline for this year’s workshop submissions process is highlighted below:

  1. The deadline for workshop submissions is set out below. We would appreciate if you didn’t drop everything on us the last day but late submissions are worth the same as the early ones
  2. If your workshop passes this selection, we will request a more detailed plan. You will only have two weeks, so best to have it handy earlier
  3. We will announce the final list on April 4th

(All deadlines are 2mins to midnight or 11:58pm GMT)

  • CfW opensFebruary 10th
  • CfW first round submissions closeMarch 12th
  • CfW second round submissions closeMarch 28th
  • CfW list finalisedApril 4th

  • BSides London schedule publishedMay 1st
  • BSides London!June 5th, 2018