Mission Brief

BSides would'nt be BSides without challenges!
Starting March 28th Mr. Threat Dunce will release the first challenge for you to solve...

Do you think you have what it takes to hack your way through, learn somthing new and possibly win one of a number of excellent prizes?
Go forth, hack, and send us you writeup!

The Rules of the Game:

  1. All submissions are to be submitted to challenges at securitybsides.org.uk.
  2. Submissions must be sent in by 15 MAY 2016 or the date listed on the challenge page.
  3. Hints are only available if the creator deems you worthy provides them.
  4. Hints can be requested via the challenges team email listed above.
  5. The challenge creator is the boss, s/he decides the best winner.
  6. Prizes will be awarded on the day, unless they come in the form of tickets etc.

The BSidesLondon Team wants to thank all those who helped with the challenges and the fantastic prizes.

The challenges have been won, but feel free to test your skillz ;-)

Your friend extracted the attached binary from his Linux server and is quite worried.

Although it looks like a normal ELF, something's not quite right about it. He asks you to have a look.


We've very little to go on.......
We've been aware of a company called glitchbyte for a while but have been unable to really gather any information on them or the Parent Company glitchcorp.
We've intercepted an email by shear stroke of luck which we will forward on to you. This was sent to Bradley Cain who appears to be an employee. You'll find the site at ~~~REDACTED~~~ and we believe it to be in Rainham, Kent.



A Wireshark dissector was recovered from a cyber-criminal's laptop. We need to find out which botnet family this criminal was developing. Your mission is to find which botnet protocol the dissector was designed for. To accomplish your mission you need to generate network traffic that will be decoded by the dissector as a request to reverse a sequence of bytes.


Sometime today, a windows workstation belonging to one of our executives suddenly went offline. We've since determined the machine restarted but it wasn't scheduled by any staff within the company...


We believe evil genius Max Pwnage may be planning something of great and terrible significance and it is vital we get hold of his plans! continued...