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We are about 2 months away from BSides London 2020, however, the pandemic situation is still very much prevalent and part of our daily lives.

The team is continuing to plan with the mind set that the event will happen on the 23rd & 24th October. We are basing this with the information and guidance we have at this point in time. For your info these are the guidelines (under 2.2.3).

We are however realistic and realise that the situation evolves on a daily basis.

Being transparent, we, like you, have no idea what the situation will be like in October. We don’t know if we will be able to hold the event with the usual levels of participation or even if things will turn and events will be cancelled again.

The planning’s next milestone is the 1st week of September where we will take a go/no-go decision on what to do.

If the event continues as planned, we will need to follow government recommendations and implement measures like taking everyone’s temperature and enforcing the use of face masks; hazmat suits will be accepted. We will need to implement contact tracing, thus we will require you to provide the BSides London team with your REAL details before entry.

What happens if we have to cancel?
If we believe that holding the event is no longer viable, we will inform you as soon as possible and cancel. If you have a donor ticket, we will proceed with reimbursements.

Why no virtual event?
We do not think that a virtual event is a good replacement as it would break the ethos of what our BSides is about and the real life interactions that many of us enjoy and need both professionally and personally. Sessions like the Rookie track also do not fit into a virtual setting; the goal being to give Rookies that real world speaking experience. We also feel it best to not inflict another zoom type meeting upon anyone on humanitarian grounds!

Thank you for your continued support!