Call for Presentations Rookies and Mentors 2023

Following 2022's repeat success, we are continuing the "Rookie Track" this year. One of the hardest leaps a newcomer to the industry can make is from watching talks to actually giving their own. With this in mind we have decided that this year we will run a track of talks specifically dedicated to those who have never spoken at a conference before..

The purpose of the "Rookie Track" is to give those who have not previously given a talk the opportunity to do so, whether you are a student still at university, someone who has recently made the conversion to security or someone who has been in the industry for years.

It can be quite daunting to give a talk and as such, a Mentor (someone who has given a talk before) will be available to speakers throughout the whole process. All past years Mentors said they had a great time so to all you potential mentors please join in and help bring new blood into the speaking community.

For inspiration, check out the "Rookie Track" schedule for 2017 which can be found here, the 2019 schedule here, or view some of the previous talks from the Rookie track on YouTube

Are you looking for any specific topic areas for submissions?

Anything involving the Information Security or whatever you want to share is generally fine. If you need some inspiration, typically in our industry you might see talks on subject areas like these:

  • Information technology
  • Network security & Cryptography
  • Web Application security
  • Mobile security
  • Usable security
  • Virtualization and cloud computing
  • Innovative attack / defense strategies
  • Forensics / Malware
  • Embedded device security / IoT
  • Physical security and lockpicking
  • Biometrics
  • Hardware hacking
  • Biohacking and modification
  • Open source software
  • Robotics (bonus points for bringing an actual robot)
  • Massive abuse of technology
  • Evolutionary computing
  • Ethical and philosophical implications of hacking

What equipment do I need?
We expect the Rookie to bring their own device. Our AV team have the required connectors, if you have a proprietary adaptor, please bring it along.

NB. Security BSides London is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected; be assured that the information being collected is for internal use only and it will only be used in accordance with your permission.

Timeline for Submissions

The timeline for this year’s Rookie and Mentor submissions process is highlighted below (All deadlines are 23:59 UTC):

  • CfP for Rookie Talks opensAugust 11th
  • Mentor Sign-Up opensAugust 11th
  • CfP for Rookie Talks closeOctober 1st
  • Mentor Sign-Up closeOctober 1st
  • Rookie and Mentor list finalisedOctober 22nd

  • BSides London Rookie schedule publishedNovember 1st
  • BSides London!December 9th, 2023

Important Notice!

As BSides London is a free to attend, community led conference organised and run by volunteers, we cannot reimburse the travel/accommodation expenses of our speakers, but you will be receiving a fancy Bsides London speaker T-shirt. Speaking at BSides means professional prestige as you can share the stage with great presenters and IT-security experts, and it is a good opportunity to start your speaker career. If you are coming from abroad, London is a great destination, that offers verity of art culture and entertainment opportunity within the city and the venue is located within a short underground ride into London central.