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Visit the Clinic of embarrassing CVs

Thinking of a career move but you're not quite sure if your CV is up to par?

Fear not, BSidesLondon and KPMG are here to help!

The CV Doctor is in the house for one day only!

Get the chance to get a full CV check up which will be unique and honest and specially tailored to you.

With limited availability please book your 15 minute meeting in advance.

Please send your CV to this email address - Cvclinic (at) to confirm your appointment.


Sponsor KPMG


Please note that the CV clinic is run by KPMG and BSidesLondon has no access to your data at any time.

KPMG won't hold your details on their databases unless you specifically ask them to do so.

Please feel free to remove your personal details from the CV if you prefer it.


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