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The Challenges and other offerings from BSidesLondon and partners

Are you bored waiting for April 25th? well our fantastic peers have prepared some fun and games to keep you busy while you wait.

Challenge 1 - by Didier Stevens is now closed

Challenge 2 - by Didier Stevens is now closed
Challenge 3 - A crypto message By MWR infosecurity is now closed
Challenge 4 - by Marc Wickenden is OPEN
Challenge 5 - by Didier Stevens is OPEN
Challenge 6 - Finding N3ro by Matthew Lewis is OPEN
Challenge 7 - by James Lyne is OPEN






Fun activities for your chance to win tickets

Win a ticket with Eurotrash Security podcast

"Name the wickedclown baby"

is now closed

Win a ticket with Finux Tech Weekly podcast

"Design Hack"

is OPEN until April 12

The fun activities run by our partner podcasters are intended to add a little light relief to a range of technically demanding challenges. Email sent to them directly will only be used for the administration of the contest and will no be use for anything else. The final decision selecting the winning entry is theirs and we trust them.

BSidesLondon Team wants to Thank all those who helped with the challenges and the fantastic prizes.



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